Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Growing old with companion animals

She needed company and wanted to “grow old” with a cat of a comparable age. He was a senior cat in need of love and company. It was the perfect match. She was in aged care – he was allowed to move in – and they haven’t looked back.

Ageing can be a lonely time, but it need not be, as companion animals are shown to improve the overall quality of the owner’s life, bringing physical, social and phycological benefits.

This is just one of many successful and heart-warming adoptions that Jules dos Santos has managed since founding the Ninth Life Foundation, 2021.

“For us, it’s all about ensuring the cats have the appropriate care, love and attention as they age,” says Ms dos Santos.

“We’re driven by the joy and satisfaction of knowing that they’ll be loved, cared for and valued in their twilight years. And it’s through this supportive relationship that the cats bring so much in joy, companionship and health benefits to their owners.”

The Foundation is committed to rescuing and re-homing cats who are ageing, high-need or
have ailing owners unable to care for them. Finding new homes that really fit the cat’s needs, ensure their comfort and safety during their later years.

“We’ve just launched our Older Cat Companion Appeal as we know how much a companion
animal can change a life.”

“Over the next three months Ninth Life will be approaching aged care facilities across Sydney to discuss the benefits of companion animals living with residents in a bid to see more elderly reap the benefits of the ‘pet effect’.”

To get on board and support the Ninth Life Foundation in changing lives, visit the
Foundation’s campaign page.

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