Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Glen Innes golfer makes history

93-year-old golfer, Pat Timbs, may have set a new Australian record at the weekend’s Highland Classic event at Glen Innes Golf Club.

Mr Timbs, a former president and committee member of the golf club no doubt infuriated (in the nicest possible way!) a whole host of fellow players more half his age with his efforts – scoring a hole-in-one as he took part in the annual event.

The Mobile Golf Shop at the Club, posted the claim on its Facebook page.

“We think a record may have been made today at the Highland Classic at Glen Innes Golf Club,” it wrote.

“Pat Timbs, at 93 years of age, may well have become the oldest golfer in Australia to score a hole in one.

“He aced the 17th which is a remarkable feat at any age.”

Mr Timbs made Club headlines back in 1982 when he hit a hole-in-one on the course’s 14th hole.

The popular pensioner is the town’s former long-time pharmacist – working as Glen Innes Hospital pharmacist for half a century before retiring. He opened the town’s Timb’s Pharmacy back in 1962, with the new owners choosing to retain the name – such is the fondness for Mr Timbs locally – when it was sold in 1998 after Mr Timbs’ retired.

But the Australian Seniors News team think Mr Timbs’ weekend ace may have earned him more than just an Australian record.

Back in 2014, 103-year-old golfer, Gus Andreone, reportedly became the oldest person in the world to record a hole in one while playing in Florida.

Prior to Gus’ hole in one, 102-year-old Californian, Elsie McLean, used a driver to ace the 100-yard 4th hole at Bidwell Park Golf Course in 2007. It was her first hole-in-one in 80 years of playing the game.

Which by our calculations, puts spring chicken Pat Timbs at third in the world for the oldest player to score a hole-in-one.


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