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Seniors Week is every week at wellness centre

By Freya Griffin, Communications and Marketing Partner Lead, integratedliving Australia.

Every year in October, Tasmanians gather to celebrate the power of community during Seniors Week. The premise of Seniors Week this year, as celebrated in Tasmania this year from 17 – 23 October, is to highlight how seniors enrich our communities. For integratedliving Australia’s Wellness Centre Coordinator, Damien, this is an ongoing realisation and appreciation, rather than isolated to a novelty week. 

“I love coming to work and seeing our clients thrive in our tailored exercise classes. We exist to ensure older Australians can continue living well at home and in the communities they love. It’s heartening to see them cheer each other on during their workouts. It’s a special atmosphere we have here,” Damien says. 

Launceston-based couple, Margaret and Malcolm, enjoy attending exercise classes at the Wellness Centre together. Margaret first attended the Centre six years ago. Having led a career prior to retirement as a support worker, Margaret appreciates more than most the value of keeping active to improve her physical fitness and personal wellbeing. 

“We come to the gym together as a social outing just as much as we come to get moving. Matt the Exercise Physiologist has grouped us up with others in the community who come along to the same classes so we get to know other people too. They’re all lovely,” said Margaret. 

“The Wellness Centre is the place I come to socialise, work on my fitness and keep motivated to learn more about my health. Health becomes a big focus as you get older. The other people who come along are on the same wavelength,” says Malcolm.

“We have taken on other programs too, not just the exercise class. We have completed the Digital DIalogue program where we were given an iPad each to keep and learn how to use Zoom, FaceTime, play trivia and games. The coordinators at integratedliving help us with all these things,” he says.

“I love using FaceTime to connect with my daughter and granddaughter in Melbourne,” Margaret adds. 

Featuring state-of-the-art HUR exercise equipment, especially designed for older people, Damien suggests senior members who attend the Centre are motivated and more confident to stick to their programs, which aids attendance and continuity of a vibrant seniors community each week. 

“We have excellent attendance at our Wellness Centre. I think the space is nicely designed and welcoming, and the members are so encouraging of each other, it builds its own momentum. The tailored approach to exercise classes and wellbeing programs really helps bolster confidence in challenging themselves as they have faith in the equipment and the program design,” Damien says. 

While the exercise classes run for 50 minutes, members will often arrive early or stay after the class to socialise over a cup of tea in the dedicated lounge area at the Centre. 

“We love seeing new friendships blossoming here. There’s no rush to get in and get out like a normal gym,” Damien says. 

Complementing the Wellness Centre community offering at integratedliving is in home support services, catering to both domestic assistance and allied health services. integratedliving offers in home services in regional, rural and remote locations across Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Recognising that needs change over time, members who attend the Wellness Centre can also be assessed for additional services in their respective homes to enable their active lifestyles, for example, a popular occupational health service includes a trip hazard assessment of the home, setting up rails and removing potential obstacles in the home. 

integratedliving is accepting new members in Wellness Centres across Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland, and also offers Virtual Wellness Programs. To learn more, visit www.integratedliving.org.au/services/exercise/wellness-gym.

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