Thursday, June 20, 2024

Wiggling into heart health role

Original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, has agreed to continue working with Westmead Private Hospital cardiologist, Associate Professor Pramesh Kovoor, on his own cardiac health and the heart health of the nation.

Mr Page and A/Prof Kovoor were first introduced in 2020, following the Yellow Wiggle’s well publicised heart attack at a Wiggles charity concert in Sydney.

He says the incident gave him a new purpose and has since been working with A/Prof Kovoor to promote the work of Heart of the Nation, an initiative that seeks to enhance public health and cardiac safety across Australia.

“Every minute counts when someone experiences a sudden cardiac arrest,” A/Prof Kovoor said.

“Having defibrillators readily available in public settings significantly increases the chances of survival, delivering a shock that is intended to restore the heart to its normal rhythm.”

The Heart of the Nation program seeks to lead change through education, training and access to automated external defibrillators within one minute of all locations.

Having survived his sudden cardiac arrest in 2020, Mr Page has become a passionate advocate for cardiac health and defibrillator accessibility.

“My own experience has shown me just how vital it is to have AEDs in convenient locations. In making them mandatory, we have the ability to save countless lives,” he said.

“We have the technology to make our public spaces safer. Let’s not wait for a tragedy before taking action; let’s spread awareness and ensure no one has to rely solely on luck when their heart stops beating.”

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