Thursday, April 25, 2024

Thyme Moreton Bay digs in for new hobby shed

Thyme Lifestyle Resort in Moreton Bay has turned the first sod on the development of a new hobby shed as part of its health and wellbeing focus for homeowners.

It’s envisaged the hobby shed will play a key role in enhancing homeowners’ well-being at the resort. The shed will include a workshop along with an outside space where the community can host meetings and small gatherings.

Thyme Morton Bay resident, Colin Kreuger says he’s excited about the hobby shed and its potential to spark many meaningful connections.

“It will be great to have an outlet where we can work with our hands, talk men’s business and generally support each other through good times and difficult times,” he said.

“Moving into a lifestyle community can sometimes feel a bit daunting for men, but having a hobby shed gives us a space to be ourselves, stay active, learn and be involved.”

Resort management, Serenitas, says homeowners will be empowered to self-manage projects as well as connect with one another to learn and share skills using the new shed.

“Serenitas is a strong advocate for mental health and recognises the important role this hobby shed will play in helping maintain the overall health and wellbeing of our homeowners,” said Serenitas CEO, Rob Nichols.

“Not only does it allow homeowners to tinker, learn new skills from one another and build or create things, it also more importantly creates a space for them to socialise, be themselves and provide support to one another.

“Our homeowners come from far and wide, and they are all looking for a safe, connected
community that allows them to enjoy an active, social, and rewarding lifestyle. Mental health is just as important as physical health and we have seen firsthand in our other communities how a hobby shed can help provide a holistically richer lifestyle for our homeowners,” says Mr Nichols.

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