Friday, June 21, 2024

Playgroup NSW launches timeless play program

Playgroup NSW has celebrated the launch of a new Timeless Play intergenerational program at Georges Estate Health & Aged Care Community in Penshurst.

The Supported Playgroup will meet fortnightly for the next year and aims to connect the older generation with the youngest in their community, to combat loneliness, isolation and mental health issues. The group will meet throughout 2023, to develop deeper connections through play-based activities, led by Playgroup NSW Educators.

Intergenerational Playgroups provide an opportunity for multi-generational play and fun in both aged-care and community settings. The Timeless Play program aims to connect generations through play-based activities that foster friendship, community cohesion and value the insights and experiences of all who attend. Playgroup NSW says it is committed to reducing social isolation amongst the older generation, and to improving the overall
health and wellbeing of older Australians.

“We’re very excited to welcome Playgroup NSW to Georges Estate to be able to interact and help make our residents smile, as they enjoy the activities with the children,” said Kris Healy, General Manager NSW of Hall and Prior (Georges Estate Aged Care Provider).

“The connection between generations is so important and we can see from today how beautiful it’s been, and they have interacted together so quickly – so many beautiful smiles from both the families and the residents.”

“Through this program we hope to see the beauty of friendships and connections formed through the experience of play between the generations. This two-hour space once a fortnight will be a relaxed and happy place to play and grow as a community. Many priceless memories will be made in this group,” said Allyson Gyrmakis, Playgroup NSW Intergenerational Program leader.

The Timeless Play Intergenerational program aims to increase activity engagement, social inclusion, to decrease depression and anxiety and assist in cognitive and physical maintenance.

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