Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thumbs up for Georges River green thumbs

In an initiative that brings colour, life, and community spirit to so many streets across Georges River, one Oatley resident’s verge garden has been named the best of a brilliant bunch.

Rita Ziolkowski has been named Georges River Council’s Verge Garden Competition winner following her participation in the Verge Garden Program, an initiative that fosters sustainability and greener spaces in urban and suburban streets.

Rita was praised for her innovative use of space, adherence to sustainability principles, and the overall beauty her handiwork brought to her neighbourhood.

“Georges River Council’s Verge Garden Competition saw an array of creative and sustainable gardens brought to life,” Georges River Mayor, Sam Elmir said.

“This year’s winner has created a beautiful display for passers-by in her suburb of Oatley. Rita’s verge garden not only beautifies our region but also demonstrates to others what is possible when creating greener public spaces.”

In recognition of her contribution to the environmental sustainability of our urban landscapes, Rita has been awarded a $250 voucher to use to a local plant nursery.

Mayor Elmir congratulated Rita on her win and thanked all community members for their participation in the Verge Garden Program, which encourages Georges River residents to take an active role in enhancing their local environment by utilising the spaces outside their homes to create verge gardens.

“Greenery in our suburbs is essential for our wellbeing and environmental health, providing a sanctuary for biodiversity and a place for community members to share in the joy of gardening.”

As the Verge Garden Program continues to grow, the dedicated residents who participate in the program are setting an example for how communities can come together to make their environments more liveable.

“Georges River Council’s vision for the Verge Garden Program is one of collective effort and shared benefits, and Rita and other residents’ verge gardens are a reflection of our community’s commitment to a sustainable and vibrant future,” Mayor Elmir said.

Green thumbs in Georges River can get involved in the program by registering online through Council’s Verge Garden Program webpage.

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