Thursday, June 20, 2024

Territorians embrace COVID check-in app

Almost four million check-ins have been recorded since The Territory Check In app was launched six months ago.

The COVID-19 app was introduced in November 2020, to add an extra layer of protection to the Territory as border restrictions eased across the country.

The month of May saw the highest number of check-ins on record, with Territorians and visitors scanning into venues more than 856,000 times.

The month of April followed, with over 676,000 check-ins. January was the third-highest month, with 637,000 check-ins.

Health Minister, Natasha Fyles said it was still just as important for Territorians and visitors to check in, to ensure contact tracing can be carried out quickly and effectively, in the event it is needed.

“I thank businesses and the community for adapting so well to the evolving environment – they are all playing their part in ensuring the community remains safe,” Minister Fyles said.

“Similar systems interstate have aided in important contact tracing, and this is why early information is so important.

“Our hospitality and tourism sectors and seeing an influx of welcome visitors this dry season, and we have implemented measures like The Territory Check In to ensure that Territorians stay in jobs and continue trading.

“Businesses are reminded to display their QR codes in accessible locations for patrons, and we thank them for their ongoing support.”

The system has been designed so that users only need to provide their details once, before they are able to scan countless QR codes to enter participating premises across the Territory.

Territorians are also able to check in friends and family that are with them who may not have their own smartphone device.

The Territory Check In appprovides a contactless, secure and easy way for customers and visitors to sign in to businesses with information stored directly by NT Health for 28 days before it is deleted. Information will only be accessed to assist with contact tracing if required.

For more information about the The Territory Check In app, please visit: https://coronavirus.nt.gov.au/stay-safe/check-in-app.

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