Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tasmanian jobs in growth phase

The latest payroll data released by the Tasmanian Government shows that job numbers are growing as the state’s recovery from COVID-19 gains momentum.

Over the two weeks to 22 August the number of jobs in Tasmania grew 1.3%, which was the highest growth rate in the country.

“There are now more jobs for our youth than there were before the onset of the pandemic, with 3.2% more jobs as at 22 August for those aged 20 and under compared to mid-March,” said Minister for Finance, Michael Ferguson.

“We are also seeing steady improvements in jobs in our most impacted industries, such as hospitality and arts and recreation industries, and are cautiously optimistic that this will continue.”

He said the data backed up earlier labour force data for July which shows that 13,400 jobs had returned since the height of the pandemic’s impact in May.

“The Government will continue to back Tasmanians and Tasmanian jobs, including in our impacted tourism industry with our $7.5 million tourism vouchers,” said Mr Ferguson.

“It’s measures like these that show that we have bold strategies to stimulate demand, drive job creation and explore new directions for Tasmania.”

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