Sunday, May 26, 2024

Major crash closes Sydney Harbour Bridge

One person has died and several have been injured in a head-on collision between two vehicles on the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning.

The collision occurred near the entrance to the bridge at Millers Point around 7am.

The bridge has been closed northbound and three of the five southbound lanes are also closed.

Ambulance and police crews attended the scene, with four people receiving treatment. One person has died, while two remain in a critical condition and one was treated for minor injuries.

NSW Police Rescue crews have removed the roof of one vehicle involved to retrieve a driver trapped following the collision.

An air ambulance helicopter has also landed on the bridge to assist in the transport of patients from the scene, with the bridge currently gridlocked with traffic.

Drivers have been advised to take the Harbour Tunnel as an alternate route. 

Buses routes from the city’s north which would usually cross the bridge are reportedly ending their journeys at North Sydney.

Secretary of the NSW Police Association, Pat Gooley, who was in the traffic on the bridge at the time, called into 2GB to ask motorists stuck in the traffic to stop making U-turns to leave the queue.

Mr Gooley, said drivers attempting U-turns were making it difficult for emergency services to access the crash.

“What we do have is people doing U-turns, and we have emergency services trying to make their way on the other side of the road,” he said.

“People have to stop doing these U-turns, it’s too dangerous.”

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