Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Is that a radar detector in your underwear?

Bathurst Highway Patrol police got more than they bargained for when officers stopped a driver doing 164km/hr on the Great Western Highway at Walang yesterday.

The Cranebrook man was found to have a prohibited speed radar detector in his underwear.

“Police detected a black HSV Maloo utility at 164km/hr on the Great Western Highway Walang,” police said in a statement.

“The vehicle was stopped and the 48-year-old male driver from Cranebrook was spoken to about the excessive speed.

“Whilst speaking to the driver, the dashboard cover of the vehicle was observed to have a small rectangular cut out facing the front windscreen.

“Police formed the suspicion that the vehicle contained a prohibited speed measuring evasion article (radar detector).

“The driver was asked numerous times if there was a radar detector in his possession or inside the vehicle however he denied knowledge of any such device.”

Police checks confirmed that the driver was subject to a Firearms Prohibition Order and he was subsequently searched.

“Whilst searching the driver, police located a “Redline Escort” radar detector concealed in the front of his underpants.”

The 48 year old male driver was issued with a number of infringement notices, and fined $2,520 and six demerit points.

Police seized the prohibited speed radar detector as an exhibit.

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