Thursday, April 25, 2024

Give an hour of your power to help Ukraine

While Australians are looking forward to a long warm summer, Ukrainians are set to shiver through the most taxing winter in living memory.

Russia’s bombardment and destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has destroyed access to fuel and water for millions across the war-ravaged country.

Ukrainian emergency services, armed forces and international volunteers are working around the clock to repair the destruction.

The international community is being called upon to continue its support of Ukraine throughout the winter to prevent the spread of disease, keep basic services operating and enable Ukraine to fulfil its role as a major food exporter.

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) is calling on Australians to show their support in two ways: through donations to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal and to turn off their power for an hour to raise awareness for the plight of Ukrainians under attack.

Stefan Romaniw, Co-Chair of the AFUO and First Vice-President of the Ukrainian World Congress, said that the war was entering a particularly cruel stage, with civilians at risk of starvation, disease and freezing to death. 

“Russia’s war of genocide has entered yet another cruel chapter, with hundreds of Russian missiles destroying Ukrainian infrastructure, electrical power systems and central heating plants,” he said.

“Many parts of Ukraine are without power and water. With a bitter, long, freezing winter ahead, Ukraine desperately needs shelters, generators and humanitarian aid to keep up the fight against Russia and support basic needs in Ukrainian cities.”

Mr Romaniw said that Australians who sacrificed an hour of power at home would succeed in keeping the war in Australians’ minds and in the media, while displaying empathy for those suffering in Ukraine.

“It is hard to imagine what this must be like for Ukrainian men, women and children. To even begin to experience what is happening in Ukraine, I urge people to turn off their power for an hour.”

Donations to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal would help purchase critical aid supplies to support Ukrainian communities under constant bombardment.

“We also call upon the Australian Government to donate to this fund, as every dollar matters in the fight to keep families warm, ensure batteries are charged, help mothers feed their children and protect the elderly,” Mr Romaniw said. 

Help Ukraine now: donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal (tax deductible and run in partnership with Rotary Australia) and save lives.

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