Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Ramsay Health director joins Black Dog Institute

Ramsay Health Care’s Service Line Director for Mental Health Strategy, David McGrath, has been appointed as a new Board Director for Australia’s Black Dog Institute (BDI).

The Black Dog Institute is the nation’s only medical institute investigating mental health, with the aim of creating a mentally healthier world for everyone.

Mr McGrath (pictured) said it was a “tremendous compliment” to be asked to join the BDI Board.

“I am humbled by the quality of the individuals on the board and the quality of what the Black Dog Institute already achieves,” Mr McGrath said.

“In an earlier role with NSW Health I was a funder of some of the activities undertaken by BDI and also utilised their expertise in policy work. Since joining Ramsay I have worked with them to understand the digital mental health landscape and improve responses to mental health issues in the digital world.”

Mr McGrath has a long history working to improve mental health services available to Australians, including as an advisor to the World Health Organisation.

“Mental illnesses are significantly prevalent illnesses in our community, with extended impacts on families and friends making mental illness one of the most destructive forces on social good,” he said.

“The experience of individuals with a mental illness is poorly understood by the wider community and as a result their rights are often infringed. I am keen to improve our responses to these disorders to reduce the impact on individuals and families and build a system response that recognises the rights of people with a mental illness, the same rights as those seeking treatment for a broken arm or asthma.

“Working with both Ramsay Psychology and BDI will offer insights into research that will drive future clinical practice in mental health, and stimulate improvements in treatment responses, while simultaneously allowing the experiences of the clinical landscape to be a factor in research design and funding bids.”

Mr McGrath was one of three new Directors appointed to the Board this month, with Black Dog Institute Board Chairman Peter Joseph AM saying: “These are excellent appointments – I am thrilled that Directors of such high calibre are joining the Black Dog Institute Board.

“Each of these stellar individuals brings specific skills and expertise that will drive our strategic vision forward. Critically, they also embody the culture of science, compassion and action that is central to everything we do.”

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