Thursday, May 23, 2024

Trump left hanging once again

America’s icy First Lady, Melania Trump, has again publicly rebuffed her husband’s attempts to hold her hand, sparking a social media meltdown.

In footage going viral today, US President Donald Trump is seen attempting to hold the hand of his wife as they disembark Air Force One after returning to Washington DC from campaign duties in New Jersey.

As they walked down the steps of the plane, Mr Trump reaches out for his wife’s hand while she appeared to snatch it away numerous times, her shoulder also flinching as she then moves her arm away from her husband’s grip.

In Trump’s defence, Melania was holding a large hand bag and there was a strong wind blowing so she may have simply been trying to manage her designer dress in the trying circumstances.

The couple were later seen holding hands as they walked off in the distance.

It’s not the first time Trump has been left hanging by his wife – Melania’s refusal to hold his hand, particularly while disembarking planes, has become legendary.

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