Sunday, May 26, 2024

Funding to rescue WA emergency crews

Planning is underway for a multimillion dollar infrastructure upgrade and expansion package for Western Australia’s emergency services as part of the government’s WA Recovery Plan.

Acting Emergency Services Minister, Stephen Dawson said WA’s emergency services volunteers would share in a $13 million fund to upgrade facilities and provide new amenities.

“This $15 million package will deliver jobs for local people and help drive our State’s recovery while also providing some extra support for our emergency services volunteers,” the Minister said.

“We’re committed to focusing on local jobs and content as part of the McGowan Government’s $5.5 billion WA Recovery Plan.”

Mr Dawson said the recovery package would include upgrades to existing emergency services facilities such as bushfire sheds, and the delivery of new facilities to house emergency response vehicles and equipment.

He said bushfire brigades, who fall under the jurisdiction of local governments, would also receive further assistance as part of the package with $2 million allocated for new water tanks.

“A list of immediate amenity upgrades is also being put together and will make life a little bit easier for emergency services volunteers.”

“This $15 million package, which is part of the McGowan Government’s $5.5 billion Recovery Plan, not only benefits local economies and communities by driving local work, but it helps support our emergency services volunteers as well.”

The Minister said the work would be carried out by locals using local content where possible to help drive economic and social recovery across the State.

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