Thursday, July 25, 2024

Experience the real Cambodia with On Course Tours & Travel

On Course Tours & Travel is thrilled to announce a new, immersive tour to Cambodia, offering travellers a unique opportunity to volunteer with local communities while exploring the country’s rich history and culture.

The initiative is spearheaded by new owner, Indigo, who has a deep connection to Cambodia through her family’s charitable endeavours.

Indigo lived and worked in Cambodia with her family to assist her grandfather in establishing various charitable organisations. Witnessing volunteers from around the world come together to create positive change inspired her belief in the transformative power of travel.

The directors of On Course Tours & Travel (OCTT), having lived and worked in Cambodia, have fostered longstanding relationships with local NGOs and suppliers. This allows OCTT to create tours that offer customers not just a travel experience but a chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Cambodian communities. The tours are designed to immerse participants in cultural experiences and provide a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by underdeveloped communities.

Traveling to Cambodia with OCTT will expand horizons, broaden perspectives, and instill a profound sense of purpose. These meticulously planned tours take care of every detail, ensuring guests can focus on creating lasting memories and meaningful connections. From transportation and accommodation to activities and meals, OCTT handles every aspect of the journey with precision and care.

The Penn family’s story is a testament to the deep ties and commitment OCTT has to Cambodia. In 2010, Indigo’s grandfather, Issy, visited Cambodia and was moved by the warmth and optimism of its people despite the country’s traumatic history. Struck by the plight of the local children, he decided to return and help. Issy, an accountant by profession and a passionate woodturner, moved to Cambodia with his workshop equipment to teach teenagers how to craft beautiful items, which they then sold to tourists and hotels.

Issy’s charity work quickly expanded to include building and rehabilitating schools, installing water filters in villages, implementing solar electricity in floating villages, and running computer and English language classes in a school he built, fondly known as “Issy’s School.” Although Issy passed away last year, his legacy continues through the ongoing support of the family and their maintained relationships in Cambodia.

OCTT offers seniors the chance to make the most of their golden years with packaged and escorted tours, ensuring the highest level of customer service. With experienced travel experts, OCTT guarantees a smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free adventure, showcasing authentic experiences that fascinate and inspire.

Discover the real Cambodia with On Course Tours & Travel, where travel and volunteering combine to create life-changing experiences.

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