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Together: the stories of us

A people powered project aimed at showcasing the diversity of Queenslanders through stories, photos, videos, and recipes.

Together is defined as an adverb (with each other).
In the company of others
Interaction and communication between people
Corporation to achieve a goal or purpose
It is without a doubt we are living in an interesting time due to the COVID pandemic. But we are not alone.

Together we are supporting one and other. Together we are learning new skills, and ways to keep in touch. Together we are aiming to inspire, celebrate, and stay socially connected even when we are physically distanced. Together we will thrive.

By sharing our stories we can connect, find aspects of ourselves in others and of others in ourselves. We all have stories and that is what brings us together.

Do you have a story resilience or community spirit?
There is much to be said about the resilience of Queenslanders. Through drought, fires, flood and now covid, we continually come together to support our communities, neighbours, family and friends.

Have you received support recently or supported others?
Did you access the Care Army or are you in the Care Army? What was your experience?
How did you or are you staying connected with family?
Have you learned any new skills?
Do you have any words of wisdom to share with younger generations about resilience?
Food can be a wonderful way to bring people together.
Often dinner tables act as an island of solitude form the busyness of the outside world offering a place for folks to gather – sharing the learnings of the day, momentous occasions, laughs, games, and most importantly the company of whomever sits at it. It is a place to nourish our body, mind, and soul.

Do you have a family recipe to share? You know the ones coveted dishes where the recipes, handwritten of course, have been securely filed away and passed down from generation.

Or perhaps you have stretched your culinary skills during this time and have found a favourite?

Either way we would love to bring people together over your recipe.

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