Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Victorian plan needs to be clear and concise

Federal Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg has warned that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ promised COVID-19 recovery plan needs to be clear, concise and give certainty to the state’s business sector.

“Obviously, a real challenge exists in Victoria. But I am really pleased that those cases have started to come down and that is why I think the plan that the Premier announces on Sunday has to be clear, has to be concise and has to of confidence and certainty to the businesses of his estate,” the Treasurer said today.

Mr Frydenberg said he had repeatedly called upon Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews to provide a plan to move forward in the state’s COVID-19 recovery.

“On Sunday I was calling for a recovery plan, way out from the Victorian government and the Premier said at the time it was too early for a detailed plan and I repeated that on Monday, that businesses repeated the call, and many have repeated that call, and I welcome the Premier now saying that he will provide a plan over the weekend.”

He said the Federal Government looked forward to seeing Premier Andrews’ plan and an easing of restrictions in the state.

“We will continue to work with the Victorian government and the Victorian people obviously want to see an end to those restrictions as soon as possible.”

“It is just not on that a Victorian school teacher 2km from the south Australian border is deemed non-essential to be over, to be able to teach the class.”

He said Victorians needed to hear a message of hope from their leader.

“And if we are able to contain the virus as they have done in NSW, indeed, as I have done in seven out of the eight jurisdictions across Australia, then businesses will continue to invest, businesses will continue to employ and businesses will open their doors.”

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