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Vale Vice Admiral MacDougall

The Tasmanian Government has acknowledged the outstanding service of Australia’s most senior submariner and former Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Ian MacDougall, who passed away in Tasmania this week, aged 82.

Vice Admiral MacDougall joined the Royal Australian Navy a month before his 16th birthday in 1954, and became an exceptional submariner who freely shared his skills with the next generation of submariners under his command, the Member for Braddon, Joan Rylah said.

“Vice Admiral MacDougall moved to Greens Point, Marrawah, about 15 years ago after his retirement and he was an extremely valued and popular member of the North-West Coast community,” she said.

“Among many reforms initiated during his leadership, Vice Admiral MacDougall, who was also Chief of Navy from 1991-1994, strongly advocated for women serving at sea, including in submarines, and put in place many reforms required to make this workforce change a success.

“We acknowledge Vice Admiral MacDougall’s 40 years’ service to his country and we extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends,” said Ms Rylah.

Commander Submarine Force Captain Doug Theobald said Vice Admiral MacDougall’s contribution to the development of Navy’s submarine capability could not be overstated.

“Vice Admiral MacDougall will be greatly missed by the Navy community, especially by submariners past and present.”

“We will never forget the essential role he played in the development of our submarine fleet and Australia’s reputation for having one of the world’s most formidable underwater naval capabilities,” Captain Theobald said.

Chief of Navy Australia Vice Admiral Michael Noonan also paid tribute to Vice Admiral MacDougall.

“He was a modern naval officer, with the imagination to see things afresh and the courage to make changes. Australia’s Navy and its people are better and stronger for his service,” Vice Admiral Noonan said.

Vice Admiral MacDougall is survived by sons Hamish and Fergus and stepsons Gideon and Daniel.

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