Thursday, June 20, 2024

Update on Hindley station move

South Australian Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens has issued a public statement in relation to yesterday’s news that the Hindley Street Police Station would be moved to a new location mid 2021.

“This is a pre-planned move to shift from the current police facility to a different building offering a larger work area for police personnel, and allowing improved engagement with the public, that will far better accommodate our growing needs in the area whilst ensuring appropriate facilities for our staff,” the Commissioner said.

“We are not closing a police station but moving to a more fit for purpose and larger location in the same vicinity.”

“Policing services will not be interrupted and there will be a continued police station and operational police service in the Hindley Street vicinity.”

In a statement released today, SAPOL said the police force had simply out-grown the current premises.

“There is a planned transition process from the old to the new location,” SAPOL said.

“We cannot formally advise of the exact new location at this time due to commercial reasons but we can say the new facility will be centrally located in Hindley Street.”

SAPOL said it was in the process of finalising relocation timeframes subject to works programs, and extension agreements to align with the move.

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