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Syndicate of 12 shoppers share $2 million TattsLotto win

A group of 12 shoppers from Victoria are revelling in their newly acquired fortune, having each garnered a share in an almost $2 million prize from the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

The syndicate, aptly named ‘A New Season’, was one of the 11 division one winners in the TattsLotto draw 4409. Each of the division one winners received $1,818,181.82.

The syndicate’s System entry not only hit the jackpot with division one but also secured wins in division three 12 times, division four 15 times, and division six 10 times. This expanded their total winnings to $1,827,611.32 – with each participant in the syndicate set to receive $152,300.94 from the windfall.

The winning ticket for the syndicate was purchased at Champions Lotto Kangaroo Flat, located at 20 Station St, Kangaroo Flat. Additionally, portions of the syndicate were sold at four other establishments across Victoria:

  • The Village Lotto
  • Mountain Gate Newsagency
  • Brunswick Newsagency
  • Croydon Central News & Lotto

Manager of Champions Lotto Kangaroo Flat, Owen Marston, expressed the store’s delight over the winning ticket.

“We’re over the moon! It’s been years since we last had a division one winning entry. Being a small store, selling a winning ticket, especially one for division one, is always an exceptional moment,” he said.

Khat McIntyre, a spokesperson for The Lott, said a few members of the syndicate had unregistered entries, which means they might still be oblivious to their win.

“While we are reaching out to the registered winners, some unregistered syndicate members might still be in the dark about their good fortune,” she said.

She further urged anyone who purchased a share in the syndicate to check their tickets and come forward to claim a winning share.

The winning numbers of the TattsLotto draw 4409 on 21 October were 30, 29, 7, 2, 31, and 12, with the supplementary numbers being 9 and 33.

Across Australia, there were 11 division one winning entries for this particular draw – four in Queensland, four in NSW, two in Victoria and one in Tasmania.

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