Thursday, May 30, 2024

Retiring after 43 years of service to the community

After 43 years of service to the community, Millmerran police Sergeant Stephen Ryan has retired.

“Sergeant Ryan, affectionately known as Ryno, was sworn into the Queensland Police Service on January 18, 1978 and last month, we piped him out of Millmerran Police Station, for him to now enjoy his well deserved retirement,” the Queensland Police Service said online.

“Sergeant Ryan’s mother also attended the piping out, saying that she dropped him off at the QPS Academy for his first day of recruit training in 1978 and wanted to be there on his last day to bring him home.”

A retirement service was held at a local bowls club where Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon presented Sergeant Ryan with his service plaque.

“We wish Ryno all the best and are looking forward to seeing him out and about,” Queensland Police said.

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