Thursday, April 25, 2024

New kerbs to curb tram safety concerns

The Victorian Government is rolling out new safety kerbing along key routes in Melbourne’s CBD in a bid to reduce tram and vehicle collisions.

More than five kilometres of ‘separation kerbing’ will be installed on Latrobe, Flinders, Swanston, Spring, Market and Spencer streets.

Yarra Trams Chief Executive, Julien Dehornoy said the introduction of safety kerbing was supported by accident data. 

“There’s an average of three vehicle-to-tram collisions on Melbourne’s tram network each day and these new kerbs will reduce these on many of the CBD’s busiest streets, resulting in faster and safer journeys for cars, buses, and trams,” Mr Dehornoy said. 

The kerbing will be manufactured in Geelong using recycled materials including old tram windows and will be positioned between the tram tracks and the closest traffic lane. 

Separation kerbs are designed so that emergency vehicles can still mount the kerbs to respond to emergencies.

The Government said the project works would be delivered on work nights between August and November to minimise disruption to road users.

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