Thursday, July 25, 2024

Navy Week launch lights up Brisbane

HMAS Moreton has lit up the City of Brisbane in the colours of the Australian National Flag and the Australian White Ensign to launch Navy Week 2024 in south-east Queensland.

To celebrate tradition and heritage, Navy Week showcases the Royal Australian Navy’s importance to the Australian way of life and recognises the critical role Navy plays in safeguarding the nation.

Launching the week’s activities, Navy members from south-east Queensland performed a ‘Beat to Quarters’ at King George Square, Brisbane, followed by a ceremonial sunset supported by the RAN Band Queensland.

Beat to Quarters is a practice that dates back centuries to when a ship’s drums were beaten to summon men to quarters or action stations when battle was imminent.

Today, the inclusion of a Beat to Quarters honours the courage and sacrifice of the men and women of Navy through more than a century of service during war and peace.

Following the Beat to Quarters, the drummers retired to the band and the guard advanced to commence the age-old naval tradition of saluting the lowering of the ensign at sunset each day.

At five minutes to sunset, the evening hymn, The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended was played, with a volley of shots fired by the guard during the rendering of this hymn. This echoes an old practice of saluting the knell of parting day.

Commanding Officer HMAS Moreton Commander Rose Apikotoa said they were excited to welcome and connect with the Australian community during Navy Week.

“It’s an opportunity to showcase not only what capabilities we have that protect our nation and waters, but the amazing people who drive, support and maintain these assets, and the support from personnel ashore,” Commander Apikotoa said.

“We look forward to welcoming members of the community to the combined open day at Fisherman’s Wharf, Brisbane, in conjunction with visiting ship HMAS Choules on March 2.”

Further information on Navy Week 2024 is available at www.navy.gov.au

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