Thursday, July 25, 2024

Man charged over 26 snakes in car

Queensland Police have charged a Moore Park Beach man with serious animal cruelty offences after 26 snakes – half were deceased – were found in his vehicle.

Police say that at around 7pm on Saturday, March 2nd, officers intercepted a vehicle on Woongarra Street, Bundaberg, in relation to traffic matters.

During the intercept, police allegedly located 13 living snakes and 13 deceased snakes in various states of decomposition and containment throughout the vehicle.

The majority of the snakes were types of pythons.

The man is facing 26 animal cruelty charges.

Detectives from the Bundaberg Criminal Investigation Branch attended the scene, seized the snakes and transported them to an emergency animal hospital where vets examined and treated the living animals.

The surviving snakes were given to a local wildlife rescue organisation for continued care.

The man has been issued with a notice to appear at Bundaberg Magistrates Court on April 22.

Police are reminding the public that snakes are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

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