Tuesday, April 23, 2024

King tides warning for Cairns

Cairns residents are being advised that king tides will hit the area from tomorrow night through to Sunday 11 September.

The impact of these king tides on low lying areas could be exacerbated by heavy rainfall, Cairns Regional Council said in a statement.

Avoid parking cars in low-lying tidal areas and never drive through floodwaters.

Motorists are reminded that tidal flooding is saltwater, which can damage cars on contact.

Motorists are urged to drive carefully and slowly, not only for the safety of road users and pedestrians, but to lessen the impact of bow waves, which can push water into adjacent properties.

King tide levels for Cairns are expected at the following times (other areas may vary):

  • Tuesday 6 September: 3.01m at 7.02pm
  • Wednesday 7 September: 3.20m at 7.45pm
  • Thursday 8 September: 3.32m at 8.24pm
  • Friday 9 September: 3.32m at 9pm
  • Saturday 10 September: 3.21m at 9.31pm
  • Sunday 11 September: 3m at 10.01pm.

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