Thursday, May 23, 2024

Jet skiers rescued in Bramble Bay

Two men were rescued after experiencing engine failure while jet skiing in Bramble Bay late yesterday afternoon.

Police say that at around 5.45pm, multiple members of the public called emergency services to advise they had seen a distress flare activated by the men about 1km off the coast of Woody Point.

Water police and Polair responded and were able to quickly locate the men, whose jet ski had become disabled, and transport them and the jet ski back to the main land.

Senior Sergeant David Edden of Water Police Brisbane said: “The correct use of safety equipment can be the difference between a safe trip and tragedy.  In this case, the distress signal alerted authorities and police were able to work quickly to recuse the men and their vessel before dark.”

“Police would also like to thank the members of the public who reported the sighting.”

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