Thursday, May 30, 2024

Dangerous driving sentencing reforms released for public input

The ACT Law Reform and Sentencing Advisory Council has launched a public consultation period for its referral into dangerous driving: sentencing and recidivism.

The 13-member council is an independent expert body tasked with providing high-level advice to the ACT Attorney-General on law reform and sentencing matters in the Territory.

The consultation will focus on the sentencing of dangerous driving offenders, including repeat offenders, in the context of recommendations arising from the Standing Committee on Justice and Committee Safety Report No. 16 Inquiry into Dangerous Driving and the Government’s response to those recommendations.

ACT Attorney-General, Shane Rattenbury initiated the referral to the Council following its establishment in November last year.

The Council has today published a consultation paper and a call for submissions. The paper contains 16 questions directed to the referral’s terms of reference to help shape submissions.

The Council is keen to ensure that all interested members of the community have an opportunity to participate in the referral. It is also welcoming submissions from practitioners, institutional organisations and agencies whose work is relevant to the subject matter of the consultation paper.

“The Council is particularly interested in hearing diverse perspectives on how best to address repeat offending and enhancing the safety of our community,” said LRSAC Chair, Lisbeth Campbell.

“Some of the most valuable insights to the matters canvassed in this consultation paper may come from community members.”

The consultation paper now available on the LRSAC website here. Submissions are due by 7 May 2024.

The Council Chair is conducting direct consultations with agencies and organisations. The Council may also hold in-person sessions where people who have made written submissions may speak directly to the Council.

The Council’s recommendations to Attorney-General Rattenbury are due by 30 July 2024.

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