Thursday, July 25, 2024

Brisbane WWII barracks restoration complete

Brisbane residents can now learn more about the city’s history, following Brisbane City Council’s successful restoration of the Witton Barracks.

The restoration has taken the heritage-listed former military site and transformed it into a revitalised community space for all to enjoy.

The refurbishment includes refreshing the heritage cell blocks into bookable meeting or exhibition spaces, creating a multi-use facility within the former HQ building and landscaping the grounds to include a playground and picnic shelter.

Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner said the new venue will create more to see and do in Brisbane.

“The Witton Barracks are a relatively unknown, but unique part of Brisbane’s history and we are excited to bring this space back to the people to use and enjoy,” Cr Schrinner said.

“The new venue will mean that even more residents will be able to enjoy this heritage listed space for community purposes and leisure.

“Whether it’s holding a meeting, displaying a gallery exhibition or simply taking a walk through the grounds, Council will continue to create places for recreation and relaxation in the suburbs.”

The original barracks were constructed between 1942 and 1960 and played a role in military intelligence during World War II.

Since Council acquired the site in 2016, a range of works have been undertaken to remediate and create a practical facility that retains a connection to its past.

Brisbane based non-for-profit White Box Enterprises has been named as lessee for the site, aiming to create an inclusive hub with amenities and services that benefit all members of the community.

Cr Schrinner said the public will be able to learn even more about the history behind Witton Barracks as the site is incorporated into the free Brisbane Greeters Walter Taylor Bridge tour.

“Our Brisbane Greeters tell the stories behind our suburbs and bring the history of Brisbane to life,” he said.

“The Walter Taylor Bridge continues to be a popular tourist destination for locals and visitors alike and, with the addition of the neighbouring Witton Barracks, people can learn even more about the history of our suburbs.

“Best of all, our Brisbane Greeter tours are free so whether you are a resident or a visitor, you can learn more about the history of Brisbane.”

The Witton Barracks are proposed to be incorporated into the Walter Taylor Bridge tours in the near future.

The refurbishment of the Witton Barracks buildings into a Creative Community Hub has been jointly funded by the Australian Government and Brisbane City Council.

For more information on the Witton Barracks, visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au.

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