Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Aged care resident still calling the shots on local radio

Sydney aged care resident, Henry (Harry) Collins, is a familiar voice for local residents.

For the past four years, the Bolton Clarke Rosemore resident has been sharing his sporting insights daily every Monday to Friday through local sports radio station 1170 SEN, discussing the hottest topics in Australian sports.

“I speak on the radio every day at 2 o’clock about the topic of the day – it’s a sporting station so it could be anything happening in the industry,” says Harry.

“I’m 85 years of age so I have been through a lot of sports over the years and seen many things.

“I have always listened to the radio and I go off the topics they discuss – things like who is the best tennis player you have ever seen and things like that,” he said.

Harry has always taken a keen interest in the local media landscape by submitting letters to the editor about local and national topics, but his passion lies with talk-back radio.

“I used to ring Ron Casey and they would give $100 to the best caller of the day which I have gotten about 20 times.

“I discuss any sport topic of the day with the host, it could be anything from rugby to soccer but tennis is definitely my specialty as I played it myself for 10 years – I don’t need to do any research as it’s all up here in my head.

“The team often leave me until last to give feedback because as Jimmy the host says I’ve always got something good to say.”

For Harry, tuning into SEN from Rosemore aged care keeps him on his toes, continuing to think critically and stay connected to his passion for sport.

“I love getting involved in the radio because if you keep an active mind then you’ll be alright – you have to keep thinking and think ahead.”

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