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Better Balance for Life

Reducing falls by keeping older adults strong, balanced, confident and independent

Falls can be fatal and do not have to be an inevitable part of ageing

Adults can start to lose their balance and strength from the age of 40. Often this is not realised until they face difficulty doing everyday tasks and activities.

Better Balance for Life provides a completely different approach to exercise to help with this loss. By retraining the body and brain to move with better control during the day, we can protect the body against falls, injury, loss of strength and balance, helping to maintain confidence and independence.

This results-based program has been running in the northern suburbs of Perth for over five years with outstanding and remarkable effects on the physical and mental health of older adults (over 50) and now offers online memberships, either to individuals or retirement facilities making it accessible to everyone.  

“As we get older, we do face the future with some fear and trepidation, but the Better Balance for Life classes give us the knowledge and skills to take control and live our lives with more confidence,” says participant, Shirley.

Maggie, also a participant of the classes, says, “Before attending the balance classes I was sore and stiff and afraid of falling. Now I practice what I’ve learned and I’m not afraid of falling. I like the way we are shown how to do each exercise so we can build on improving even when we are at home. My total fitness level has improved so much I feel it’s taken years off my age. I’m stronger, I don’t need pain killers now. My walking is faster, my posture is better. My overall health has improved by being so active.”

According to Stay on your Feet (Injury Control Council of WA) a West Australian dies every 26 hours, is admitted to a hospital every 19 minutes and presents to a metropolitan emergency department every 12 minutes due to a fall related incident. Falls cause more injury-related deaths in Australia than transport crash fatalities. This not only puts a massive strain on our health system but has extremely negative effects on the health and wellbeing of our ageing population.  

The company’s goal is to keep older adults in independent living, keep doing all that they love to do whilst keeping themselves safe, strong and in control. 

Further information can be found by visiting the website, betterbalanceforlife.com.au, or by contacting Lesley French via email lesley@betterbalanceforlife.com.au

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