Thursday, April 25, 2024

Ballina Seniors get fighting fit for Christmas


While the Christmas season often means some indulging for most people, a group of Ballina seniors say they’re keen to stay fighting fit over summer.

The old adage “use it or lose it” rings true for the 350 Ballina residents who are making a
start back at their local seniors’ gym after floods shut down their fitness centre earlier this

Aged between 65 and 93, they discovered during the closure of the Ballina Wellness Centre
that exercise wasn’t only important for mobility as they get older, but also for their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wellness Centre Coordinator, Shelley Walker said: “it’s important for seniors to keep moving as it helps them stay socially connected with other people and enables them to catch up with friends and attend family events.”

“Exercise isn’t just about fitness, it’s about improving mental health, so you feel more
resilient and can cope.”

Ms Walker said integratedliving’s Wellness Centre in Ballina was pleased to be back open
and offering Seniors a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing to help them remain in the comfort of their own homes for longer.

“We had one client who found getting up off the lounge became increasingly difficult, however since returning to classes and getting back into her physical program, she is now
able to get up off the lounge with ease,” she said. 

Gym enthusiast, Kia Trainer, said: “I love this place and the encouragement and the support from the Exercise Physiologists keeps me coming in. I felt a bit flat without the social experience as we are a friendly lot and have a lot of laughs together. Coming to my gym session is something that I really look forward to and is part of my life. My lower back pain improves with the use of the specialised gym equipment.”  

integratedliving has several Wellness Centres in regional areas across Australia, helping
senior members of the community to feel well and live well, as well as virtual exercise
for seniors who want to keep active from the comfort of their own home.

To find out more go to integratedliving.org.au or phone 1300 782 896.

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