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Serenitas celebrates Father’s Day with The Book of Dad

Serenitas’ over-50s lifestyle communities across the country have joined forces to celebrate Father’s Day by sharing their fondest memories of their fathers, their best dad jokes, and some fatherly tips and tricks in ‘The Book of Dad’.

The book is being gifted to all Serenitas homeowners for Father’s Day this Sunday, 4 September.

Serenitas CEO Rob Nichols says, “After the success of our Mother’s Day cookbook, we wanted to recognise the importance of fathers in our lives. The Book of Dad is our way of celebrating the many different ways dads are active and influential in our lives, all underpinned with good humour.

“It’s a way we can say thank you to those dads still with us and pay tribute to those whose memories are etched forever.”

The Book of Dad features heartfelt recollections of homeowners’ fathers or their own experience of fatherhood, sharing many life lessons and memories, from holiday adventures to acts of kindness.

Terry Boyd from Helena Valley shared an emotional letter she wrote to her dad on his passing that was read out at his service. It’s a poignant mix of family history and touching anecdotes of a father who nurtured an open house that was full of fun and laughter, consideration, empathy and understanding of differences.

June Eastwood from The Outlook Albany tells of her father’s generosity as she and her husband worked hard to establish a viable farm on uncleared land back in 1955. Her father Hebert would turn up unannounced with gifts such as a brand-new 32-volt Lighting Plant, a shiny blue floor polisher, a red Mix Master and a second-hand engine-driven Simpson washing machine.

“He was always looking out for me and trying to make our lives a little bit easier,” says June.

Geoff Spicer from Golden Downs recounts the special moment in his life when everything changed after his first son was born. He shares his love of being a father to his sons and daughter and the many lessons he learnt along the way, from, “If you are going to do something, do it properly and lead by example” to “A good name is worth money in the bank. Be a person of good standing and nine times out of 10, your best efforts will be rewarded.”

Lawrence Liebetrau resides in Busselton and credits his love of a fit and healthy lifestyle to his father.

“One day while listening to the commentary on Comrades Ultra Marathon in Africa, I told my dad right then and there that I would run this great race one day. He smiled and said he would be proud if I managed to complete this world-famous and difficult marathon.”

Lawrence went on to run nine Comrades Ultra Marathons and over 60 marathons in total.
Jenn McLeod from Latitude 25 Lifestyle Village says her father, Don Lewis, has been an inspiration and role model in her life. Now, at 92, he still has his wild sense of adventure.

“I think I inherited Dad’s drive and can-do attitude. He is, in fact, the reason my bucket list is bulging today. I have ticked off a few: buying a café (having only ever drunk coffee), buying a 25-foot fifth wheeler (having only ever towed a box trailer), and hitting the road full-time as Jenn J McLeod, Australia’s Nomadic Novelist (having run out of family and friends to fictionalise).”

The Book of Dad is a wonderful, memorable keepsake for Serenitas homeowners and an important reminder to be proud of our dads and their impact, past and present, in shaping our lives.

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