Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Queensland Police Dog Squad’s paw-fect 50th birthday 

The Queensland Police Service Dog Squad is celebrating the paw-some milestone of the canine unit’s 50th anniversary.

The Squad was established in December 1972 by former Constable First Class Charlie Degnan, fellow officer David Laird, and their German Shepherds ‘Lobo’ and ‘Rolf’ after the four-some completed guard dog training at the Royal Australian Air Force base in Toowoomba. 

Since that time, 472 police dogs have served the Queensland community, handled by 179 police dog handlers, with the QPS Dog Squad providing frontline operational support in all major residential areas in Queensland. 

Police dogs are assigned to specific handlers who are sworn police officers, with each dog/handler referred to as a ‘team’. 

Queensland Minister for Police, Mark Ryan said the Dog Squad had made a significant impact on policing over the past 50 years. 

“The relationship between police dogs and their handlers is legendary, with dogs becoming valued family members, and remaining so after their retirement,” Minister Ryan said. 

“This relationship is reflected in the extraordinary teamwork performed day and night by these dedicated QPS members and the immense community interest and support for our police dogs and handlers.” 

Deputy Commissioner Paul Taylor said the Dog Squad had become an integral part of front-line service delivery to the community of Queensland. 

“Dogs provide a unique support service in their ability to detect drugs, firearms, cash, explosives, blood, human remains and electronic storage devices, as well as general policing duties,” Deputy Commissioner Taylor said. 

“Thanks to their innate skills, enthusiasm for working and unwavering loyalty to their handlers, the Dog Squad has gone from strength to strength since its humble beginnings in 1972.” 

We wish the QPS Dog Squad all the best on their 50th bark-day! 

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