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Police dog passes away in arms of handler

Queensland Police Service (QPS) has announced the passing of one of its much-loved service dogs – PD Pezz.

In a statement, Police said the Firearms and Explosive Detection dog had worked with Senior Constable Dwyer to complete searches for dignitaries visiting Queensland, locate firearms during search warrants and perform duties during the 2014 G20 and the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

“PD Pezz’s life was action-packed; he flew in the rescue helicopter, rode in the QPS dingy and travelled all across Queensland just to name a few highlights,” QPS said.

“PD Pezz will always be remembered as a vibrant and energetic boy who loved to work and was loved dearly by his handler and her family.

“He left an impression wherever he went, with people commenting even at 10-years-old that he had the energy and charisma of a puppy.

In 2013, PD Pezz – who was born at the QPS Dog Squad complex back in 2010 – first attended the firearms and explosives detection course where he was inducted into the Service as a Detection Dog, connected to the Explosives Ordnance Response Team.

This is where he met his handler and life-long friend Senior Constable Jess Dwyer (pictured with PD Pezz).

PD Pezz celebrating a birthday – such a good boy!

“Sadly, PD Pezz recently became unwell with an unforeseen illness and it is with great sorrow that the decision was made on the morning of Sunday, August 16, to put PD Pezz to rest.”

“PD Pezz passed away peacefully in the arms of Senior Constable Dwyer and her family after more than seven years of dedicated service to the Queensland community.”

“Rest In Peace PD Pezz and thank you for your honourable service.”

Thank you for your service PD Pezz. May you rest peacefully in doggy heaven – from the Australian Seniors News team.

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