Thursday, July 25, 2024

OPAN welcomes aged care funding report

The Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) has today welcomed the Aged Care Taskforce report into funding arrangements for aged care in Australia.

However, OPAN Director Policy and Systemic Advocacy, Samantha Edmonds said the organisation wanted to explore the safety net provisions in more detail.

“We need to ensure our aged care system is sustainable and can meet the needs of our growing ageing population,” Ms Edmonds said.

“It is also critically important that we don’t create a two-tiered system, where those who can afford to pay get a first-class service, and those who can’t afford to pay receive inadequate care.

“During the consultation process for this report our message was clear: we must ensure equitable access to aged care services, especially for our most vulnerable people, regardless of their capacity to pay.

“We also called for strict safety net provisions to ensure our most vulnerable older people don’t fall through the cracks.”

She said OPAN was looking forward to understanding specifically how the safety net provisions will be implemented.

“Our 2023 Presenting Issues report, which analysed the 36,900 cases handled by aged care advocates across OPAN’s national network, found that transparency of fees and charges within both residential aged care and home care was a key issue for residents.”

“Transparency of any fees and charges is critical, especially if the government proceeds to make further users pay for their aged care,” said Ms Edmonds.

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