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Love goes on as time goes by

In a time when good news stories can be hard to find, this one is sure to warm your heart.

Ten Australian music stars have united during COVID-19 to be part of a touching new webseries for Anglicare Southern Queensland.

The musicians are recreating some memorable songs for aged care residents, with tear-jerking results.

Anglicare Southern Queensland Executive Director, Karen Crouch said the series ‘By Request’ allowed the organisation to share the stories of their residents and celebrate the full lives that they have lived. 

“By Request is an eight-part web series celebrating music’s ability to connect us back to our treasured memories,” Ms Crouch said.

“The series features some of our residents sharing their life stories connected to their favourite song, and they’re delighted when an Australian music star surprises them with a performance of their favourite song just for them.

“The series really has reminded us that music is so powerful and an important force to lift our spirits during these uncertain times,” Ms Crouch said. 

“We believe it is a privilege to care for older Australians and share in their life journeys.”

The series has already been shared and watched hundreds of thousands of times and has caused an outpouring of emotion. 

For Symes Thorpe aged care home residents, Peter and Barbara, the song ‘As Time Goes By’ was a tune that reminded the pair of the first heady days and months of their love, and of its enduring value.

92-year-old Peter was on leave from the Air Force – having signed up at age 16 – when he met Barbara.

“I saw her at a dance and I thought, ooh I think that’s the girl I might marry… and two or three years afterwards we got married… and we’ve had a really terrific life together,” says Peter.

“The song ‘As Time Goes By’ brings back treasured memories of past happy times in my life with Barbara and our family.”

He said the song quickly became a favourite of the young couple.

“It was our song,” says Peter.

“It’s a song for lovers, I think that’s what appealed to us.”

Peter and Barbara will celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary in November.

Australian music artists – also a married couple – Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont combined their musical talents to reproduce the song in a surprise live online performance for Peter and Barbara.

“We were told a very special story about you and your beautiful wife, and in particular one song,” said Adam.

“We’ve loved learning it,” said Brooke.

Adam and Brooke’s song – and Peter and Barbara’s touching reaction to hearing it – can be heard by clicking on this link: https://anglicaresq.org.au/by-request/#Peter

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