Friday, June 21, 2024

Happy 100th birthday to WA’s Elsie Piper

WA-born Elsie Piper is celebrating her 100th birthday today.

Ms Piper (nee Kiddie) was born in Broome Hill, Western Australia. She was the middle child of 14 children and was orphaned at 13 years old.

Her first job was working in a shirt making factory.

Elsie met her future husband Edwin (Eddie) Piper in early 1939.

Eddie was a corporal in the Australian Army, and he and Elsie married in August 1942 when Eddie was on two week’s leave. He was then based in New Guinea until the end of the war.

Elsie joined the Australian Army in October 1943 and was a nurse based in the Hollywood Repatriation Hospital in Western Australia where she nursed wounded and injured returned service personnel. She valued the nursing skills she learnt and enjoyed the camaraderie of her fellow nurses. Millie Beard was a close long-time friend and godmother to Elsie’s children.

After the war, Elsie raised her four children and is now fortunate to enjoy her seven grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. She lived in the home she and Eddie built from 1948 until 2013. Sadly, Eddie passed away in 2002.

Elsie credits her long life to always being busy and having the determination to get things done. She feels blessed to have had a loving husband and family.

Elsie has a strong will to live, eats well and rarely drinks alcohol. Happy birthday Elsie and thank you for your service.

Courtesy of Darren Chester, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.


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