Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Happy 100th birthday to Brisbane great-grandmother

A bilingual great-grandmother who once owned a cinema and was a violinist and gymnastics instructor, Xavier Jacobs, can now add centenarian to her life resume.

A resident of the Carinity Brookfield Green aged care community in Brisbane, Xavier turned 100 yesterday.

Xavier was born in Pietersburg, South Africa in 1924, and was one of five sisters.

When Xavier was 16, she applied to join the army but was refused because she was considered too young.

Xavier met her husband Tobias Jacobs, a railway clerk, in Pietersburg. They married there in February 1947, at the age of 23. The couple had four children but tragically, their daughter passed away only three days old. Their three sons – Kenneth (75), Trevor (71) and Brian (70) – all went on to become engineers.

During her working life, Xavier served in administrative positions as a shorthand typist then an office worker for the railway – and owned businesses including a cinema. She was also a gymnastics instructor and played the violin.

Beautiful Xavier in her younger years.

After her husband passed away at the age of just 60, Xavier moved to Pretoria to be closer to her children and grandchildren and played an active and loving role in their lives.

Xavier loved to bake and always provided the family with delicious cakes. When the families went on holiday, she enjoyed baking tins of a variety of biscuits to take with them.

A keen knitter, Xavier spoiled her grandchildren with knitted baby and toddler clothes. In her later years she kept all the family’s feet warm and was famous for her bed socks and knitted blankets.

Over the years, Xavier’s three sons immigrated to Australia so she decided to relocate in 2011, at the age of 87.

Xavier’s sons and daughters-in-law have gifted her 10 grandchildren – with six great-grandchildren added to the family tree more recently.

Xavier likes to socialise and can be found chatting with Carinity Brookfield Green residents and staff or enjoying activities. She enjoys going out for coffee, watching movies, walks and staying active.

Described as a “real lady”, Xavier always has a good sense of humour and is very much loved by her extended Carinity Brookfield Green family.

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