Tuesday, May 21, 2024

COVID survey finds ‘forgotten’ Seniors

Australian Seniors have reported feeling intense financial pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic, telling a National Seniors survey they feel “forgotten” by government.

National Seniors invited its 130,000 members to share their experiences of the health crisis in a survey conducted from 13 March to 21 April, with members providing text-based responses to a set of questions regarding the effects of the pandemic.

In total, 1,110 people provided at least one response to the survey.

“One of the strongest responses was the financial pressure the pandemic has caused, especially among those of you who are self-funded, with an enduring theme of being “forgotten” by the government,” National Seniors said.

It said these comments – supplied by respondents – summed up the sentiment:

  • “Collapsing share market has severely impacted our superannuation.”
  • “This group don’t get government pensions, discounts off rates or utilities, health care cards etc…”
  • “Once again the Government is throwing money at everyone EXCEPT the self-funded retirees.”

National Seniors said a lack of guidance for carers was another recurring theme from survey respondents.

“Many of you who are looking after a frail loved one expressed deep concern about who would care for them if you were to contract the virus,” it said.

It said carers also expressed frustration during the early phase of the lockdown about struggling to source personal protective equipment (PPE), while panic buying of household goods was another cause for concern.

“The biggest frustration and source of irritation was the panic buying just prior to and at the beginning of the lockdown and the lack of supplies despite ‘senior friendly’ shopping hours,” National Seniors said.

Other major issues to receive feedback were mental health; digital needs being overlooked; transport needs; and funding to support carers.

National Seniors also recently conducted a follow-up ‘Way Out’ survey that captured concerns of Seniors as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across parts of Australia.

To read the full survey report, simply click this link: https://nationalseniors.com.au/uploads/COVID-FINAL-Connect.pdf

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