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Call grows for mandatory masks

Calls are growing to make masks mandatory on public transport, as NSW Health yesterday alerted the public to a number of locations visited by confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Passengers on the X39 bus that left Pitt Street opposite Australia Square at 6.08pm on 20 August and arrived at Clovelly Rd, Carrington Road at Randwick at 6.40pm are considered close contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 case.

“They should immediately isolate for 14 days since they were on that bus (until midnight on 3 September) and be tested for COVID-19 regardless of symptoms,” said NSW Health.

It said a previously reported case associated with the August CBD cluster took this bus but reportedly wore a mask while onboard the bus. A second passenger was confirmed as having COVID on Friday.

Both cases live and work in the same areas and disembarked at the same spot. NSW Health is investigating the source of the second person’s infection.

NSW Health says apart from the confirmed cases, up to 11 passengers were on the bus during the trip.

It is in the process of contacting all registered Opal card users who were on the bus, though one passenger was not registered.

“NSW Health strongly advises everyone travelling by public transport to wear a mask at all times.”

It has also issued an alert for any patrons of Highfield Caringbah pub who were at the venue on 22 August.

“Anyone there for more than two hours on 22 August from 6-8.30pm is considered a close contact of a previously reported case and must isolate immediately for 14 days since that date and seek testing,” NSW Health said.

It said other patrons who were there for less than two hours were considered casual contacts and should monitor for symptoms.

A Randwick gym, golf course and early learning centre are also on the Health department’s COVID-19 hit list.

“People who used the weights room at Fitness First Randwick on 23 August at 3.30-4.15pm are considered close contacts of a previously reported case and should immediately isolate for 14 days since that date and be tested,” it said.

“Reddam Early Learning Centre at Lindfield has been closed for cleaning after a staff member tested positive.

“The staff member is a household contact of a previously reported case associated with the August CBD cluster, and will be counted in tomorrow’s figures.”

It said the associated confirmed case worked three days on 25-27 August while unknowingly being infectious. 

“People who attended Randwick Golf Club on 25 August between 11.50am-12.20pm are considered casual contacts of a previously reported case and should monitor for symptoms.”

Meanwhile, passengers on the following public transport services are considered casual contacts of cases, and should monitor for symptoms and get tested and isolate immediately if they develop:

RouteDateDeparture TimeFromArrival timeTo
33919 August05:57Clovelly Rd at Carrington06:16Martin Place Station
X3919 August17:57Pitt St opp Australia Square18:27Clovelly Rd at Carrington
33920 August06:30Clovelly Rd at Carrington06:58Martin Place Station
33920 August9:47Pitt St opp Australia Square10:17Clovelly Rd at Carrington
33920 August14:34Clovelly Rd at Carrington15:00Martin Place Station
33921 August05:26Clovelly Rd at Carrington05:49Martin Place Station
33921 August06:29Clovelly Rd at Carrington06:54Martin Place Station
33921 August14:42Clovelly Rd opp Searle Ave15:06Sheraton on the Park
33921 August18:35Pitt St opp Australia Square18:56Clovelly Rd at Carrington
33922 August07:27Clovelly Rd opp Searle Ave07:50Martin Place Station
33924 August05:30Clovelly Rd at Carrington05:53Martin Place Station
X3924 August07:20Clovelly Rd at Carrington07:39Oxford St at Brisbane St
33924 August14:21Clovelly Rd opp Searle Ave14:21Martin Place Station
33924 August15:15Museum Station15:46Clovelly Rd at Carrington
X3924 August18:33Pitt St opp Australia Square19:03Clovelly Rd at Carrington
X3925 August07:20Clovelly Rd at Carrington07:38Oxford St at Brisbane St
33925 August13:55Museum Station14:20Clovelly Rd at Carrington
X3926 August07:21Clovelly Rd at Carrington07:39Oxford St at Brisbane St
33926 August12:59Museum Station13:21Clovelly Rd at Carrington
X3927 August07:21Clovelly Rd at Carrington07:40Oxford St at Brisbane St
44225 August09:18Gladstone Park, Darling Street09:31Gladstone Park, Darling Street
44225 August14:39QVB York St, Stand B14:52Darling St at Phillip St
33325 August08:19Bondi Rd at Dudley St08:31Bondi Junction Station, Grafton St, Stand Q
TRAIN25 August08:32Bondi Junction Station08:42Martin Place Station
TRAIN25 August17:51Martin Place18:05Bondi Junction
33325 August18:07Bondi Junction Station, Stand A18:16Bondi Rd opp Dudley St
33326 August07:39Bondi Rd at Dudley St07:55Bondi Junction Station, Grafto St, Stand Q
RAIL26 August07:56Bondi Junction08:07Martin Place

A full list of COVID-19 testing clinics is available on the nsw.gov.au clinics webpage and people can also contact their GP.

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