Tuesday, May 21, 2024

100-year-old Melbourne man beats coronavirus

A 100-year-old man who has battled coronavirus for six weeks has been discharged from a Melbourne hospital and taken back to the aged care facility where he caught the virus.

“He may be old, but he still matters to us,” the man’s granddaughter, Lauren Elizabeth said on social media this week.

 “That was a very long 42 days but he finally had two negative test results,” she wrote. “All lives matter young and old,” she added.

Her centenarian grandfather, Roy, was discharged from St Vincent’s Private Hospital, where he has spent the last six weeks fighting the deadly virus.

The hospital posted Roy’s recovery on its Facebook page, as staff farewelled the popular patient (pictured).

“This certainly calls for a moment of cheer. What an amazing outcome for Roy and his family,” the hospital’s post stated.

“Roy is going home!

“After 6 long weeks in hospital, 100 year old COVID-19 survivor Roy is heading back home to his aged care facility. Roy said an emotional farewell to our team as he left, thankful to be fully recovered.

“Roy’s daughter Debbie describes him as “a true battler” and looks forward to being with him in person to celebrate at Christmas. 🤞

“This certainly calls for a moment of cheer. What an amazing outcome for Roy and his family. 👏

“Please join us in sending Roy and his family our heartfelt best wishes.”

His granddaughter thanked the “incredible” hospital staff who “protect and care for people like my grandfather”.

Facebook user, Judy Meade also offered her congratulations to Roy and the hospital staff, and shared that her 94-year-old mother Joan Little, had also been discharged on Tuesday from the same hospital, after being admitted to hospital on July 23.  

“Joan is a mother of 2, grandmother of 3 and a great grandmother of 5,” she wrote.

“Thank you to all the amazing staff at St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne, you are special caring people, my family can’t thank you enough for saving my mum Joan. You guys are the best!”

Melbourne couple, 93-year-old Vic Cornell and 87-year-old Jean Schofield were also discharged from hospital this week after overcoming coronavirus.

There have been 2,033 confirmed cases in Australian aged care facilities – with 1,960 of those recorded in Victoria.

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