Thursday, July 25, 2024

New Australian TV series looks to redefine ageing 

Everyday Australians are set to star in a new TV series that challenges age-old stereotypes around the over-50s, following the journeys of 11 people with a zest for life and total disregard for the number of candles on their birthday cake. 

Ageless, which is set to air on the Nine Network from March 23, is looking to inspire and challenge Australians to rethink what it means to ‘grow older’ through the stories of those who possess such a thirst for new experiences it would appear they never age. 

In Ageless episode five – ‘Taking a Leap’, host Grey Rogers meets with 64-year-old Sharon Lagden and her husband Kevin (pictured, above) to reflect on what it means to live life with no regret before she ticks off one of her top goals — skydiving.  

“Having a cancer diagnosis, coming out of that and then getting depression makes you want to do things that make you feel alive,” said Mrs Lagden. 

“That’s why creating my bucket list, taking the leap to skydive, and embracing new opportunities such as joining the Ageless series have been important to me.

“You should never let your age hold you back from living life to the very fullest. 

“I hope my journey inspires others to realise that age is merely a label. Don’t allow it, or fear, to hold you back from pursuing what you want. 

“For me, embracing agelessness involves continually embracing new challenges and venturing beyond comfort zones. As you get older it’s not your age that defines you, it’s your attitude. Feel the fear and do it anyway.”  

Ageless features people from across the country aged 56 to 81, including a 56-year-old blind motorcyclist aiming to become the fastest vision-impaired person on earth, and a 70-year-old widow running a 20,000ha outback property on her own. 

In the series’ first episode: As You Age You Get More Cool, Mr Rogers meets style icon, influencer, author and rebel Sarah Jane Adams (pictured, above) from inner-city Sydney.  

The international antique jewellery dealer found herself thrust into Instagram stardom overnight in her 50s, after a photo her daughter posted online capturing her unique style went viral, fast-tracking an international modelling career in her 60s. 

“What I hope people take away from the series and my story is that every morning you wake up is a gift. You’re never too old to do what you want or try new things,” said Mrs Adams.  

“Life is short, so it’s important to continue to challenge yourself each day, regardless of your age. 

“The older you get, the ‘more cool’ you become because you’re more aware of who you are.

“Embrace that and forget the rules and regulations about how people are expected to act and live. 

“If you’re not harming someone else, do what feels right for you and live a life that is true to yourself.”  

You can watch Ageless, which will air each Saturday from 23 March to May 11, on Channel NINE and online on the GemLife website: https://www.gemlife.com.au/ageless.

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