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Seeking Santas

One of Australia’s leading Santa suppliers is seeking jolly gentlemen to don the red suit this festive season.

Scene to Believe, a national photography and event company hires around 500 Santa’s every year – and with Christmas fast approaching, they’ve sounded the alarm for more Santas.

“Here at Scene to Believe we hire the most charming people, for the most amazing jobs across
Australia and New Zealand,” said the company’s General Manager, Lindsay-Meg Walker.

“We are in need of Santas and elves,” says Lindsay-Meg, who adds there’s no height restrictions for elves – all are welcome with the right Christmas spirit!

The company hires around 2,000 Christmas staff each year – mostly deployed to shopping centres to be part of the magic of Christmas with pop-up Santa photo studios.

So, what attributes make for a successful Santa Claus?

“A love of Christmas, a love of kids, the ability to think on your feet and be creative – and be part of a team,” says Lindsay-Meg.

Successful Scene to Believe Santas will be deployed to around 190 photo spots around Australia (and across the Tasman) throughout the pre-Christmas period, with full training to be undertaken in October.

“We do a big full day training session and go into all the kinds of details that Santas need to be across.”

And with a COVID-safe Christmas possibly on the cards this year – plans are in place to protect prospective Santas and visiting children.

“We are preparing ourselves for an unusual Christmas season this year and this includes Santa and Mrs Claus,” says Lindsay-Meg.

“Although very healthy, the Claus’s are in the high-risk group. Hence this year we have put in place stringent COVID-19 protocols to make this Christmas Season a safe and happy one.

“This does not mean that the joy of Christmas Santa photos will be bypassed this year. It simply means that with a bit of creativity we will deliver a creative Santa photo that will become special keepsake for years to come.”

Extra time between photo shoots and additional cleaning will ensure the full Santa experience is maintained while also keeping everyone involved COVID-safe.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to bring some Christmas magic this year – here’s all you need to know to apply:

Job Summary:
The Director of Christmas is a highly responsible position required to ensure the effective and efficient world-wide delivery of toys and presents to children on Christmas Eve. The Director oversees the operations of a sophisticated manufacturing, assembly and distribution plant and related systems located in the North Pole, Canada. He provides leadership and direction to a large staff of elves, manages a fleet of magical reindeer and maintains effective communication and liaison with other influential children and holiday icons such as the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Frosty. In collaboration with Mrs. Claus, the Director creates a warm, hospitable and nurturing working environment at the North Pole.

  • Education, Training and Experience:
    • Masters’ Degree in Christmas Business Administration including significant training in the management of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and delivery systems. Several hundred years of related experience.
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    • Demonstrated knowledge of Christmas traditions around the world.
    • Demonstrated ability to determine who has been naughty and who has been nice.
    • Ability to impose discipline as required by placing coal in stockings.
    • Demonstrated ability to lead pointy eared staff with playful and mischievous tendencies.
    • Ability to emit a loud, robust and heart-felt HO-HO-HO Merry Christmas at all times.
    • Ability to enter unnoticed in and out of people’s homes every Christmas Eve.
  • Personal Attributes:
    • Must be jolly and a right old elf.
  • Working Conditions:
    • Ability to work in cramped and confined and or hazardous environments such as chimneys, hearths, window ledges, and roof tops.
    • Ability to eat copious amounts of milk and cookies.

The North Pole is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants with red-noses, pointed ears, and/or
curly toed shoes as well as others are welcome.

Get in touch if you are a genuine lover of all things Christmas.

Click here to apply or contact hr@scenetobelieve.com today!

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