Thursday, April 25, 2024

New study an OASIS for sciatica sufferers

Sciatica is a severe type of back pain. The pain of sciatica typically travels from the lower back down to the back or side of the leg. It might feel like a tingling, burning, or shooting pain or even like an electric shock.

If you have experienced sciatica you are not alone. This painful condition is very common, affecting up to 400,000 Australians every year.


Unfortunately there are currently few simple, effective treatments for sciatica. That’s why researchers at The University of Sydney are investigating whether a commonly used anti-inflammatory medicine can help improve the pain of sciatica.

If you or someone you know has developed sciatica in the last six weeks, or currently has a flare-up, you may be eligible to join the OASIS study.


Treatments that are commonly used for other back problems do not work very well for sciatica. People with sciatica often go on to having more invasive treatments like surgery or injections into the spine.

While these treatments do help in some cases, they are expensive and carry significant risks. The OASIS study will test the effectiveness of a simple oral treatment – a corticosteroid medicine (commonly known as a steroid).

Professor Christine Lin at the University of Sydney has been researching sciatica treatments for over a decade.

According to Professor Lin, “Sciatica is a debilitating pain condition, and many people are slow to recover. The OASIS study may help change the way sciatica is treated”.

The OASIS study will include hundreds of participants across Australia. It is possible to join the study via telehealth – so travel is not required.

To find out more information or if you are interested in participating, call the study team on: (02) 8627 6267 or email:sph.oasis@sydney.edu.au or visit www.oasis-trial.com

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