Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Amazing photo captures beauty of dementia research

An incredible view of biological research has won the UK Alzheimer’s Society’s new photographic competition, with a photo that shows a group of “blue” stem cells as they start to turn into “green” brain cells.

The astonishing image show the unexpected beauty of research into dementia, a debilitating condition that affects around 57 million people globally. It was an entry in Spotlight on Dementia, a contest organised by the Alzheimer’s Society, UK.

The aim is to challenge researchers to showcase their work as they explore everything from the impact of young-onset dementia to the potential involvement of the brain’s immune system in the disease.

The winning picture (pictured) was taken by Charlie Arber, based at University College London (UCL). His “Bed of Rosettes” shows a group of “blue” stem cells, called a neural rosette, as they start turning into “green” brain cells. Growing brain cells is vital for research into dementia.

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