Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Whittlesea to roll out glass collection bins

City of Whittlesea residents will soon receive new purple-lidded bin in readiness for the roll out of a new glass recycling service.

Close to 90,000 bins will soon make their way to all households that currently have a Council-provided rubbish and recycling bin, in line with the Victorian Government’s requirement of a standardised four-bin waste and recycling system for all Councils.   

Bins will be delivered across August and September and residents are encouraged to start using the bin as soon as they receive it, ready for the first collection, which is due to begin in early October. Glass recycling bins will be collected once every four weeks, on the same day of the week as the regular bin collection. Information will be sent to all households detailing collection days ahead of the first pick up. 

Administrator, Peita Duncan said the addition of glass recycling bins would improve the overall quality of all the recycling that is collected, meaning more of it can be recycled and kept out of landfill.

“Glass often breaks during collection and can get lodged into other recyclables, such as paper and cardboard, making it difficult to recycle. By separating glass in a different bin, we can remove this contaminant and turn your old glass bottles and jars into new bottles, or even road base,” she said.

“We know our community is committed to reducing waste and making this simple change to the way we recycle at home will make a big difference.”

“The new glass recycling bins are also made with 80% recycled content which is just one example of how we are supporting a circular economy.”

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