Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Toowoomba told to reduce water usage

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) is reminding residents of Highfields, Kleinton, Cabarlah and Meringandan to stick to the region’s target of 200 litres of water usage per person per day, after an “urgent water restriction” notice was issued yesterday.

TRC Deputy Mayor and Water and Waste Committee Chair, Rebecca Vonhoff said residents in these areas are asked to reduce and conserve water use.

“We need residents in the Highfields, Kleinton, Cabarlah and Meringandan areas to remember that there is a target of 200 litres per person per day for water usage,” she said.

“Across the hot weekend of Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October, we saw residents in these areas using substantially more than this amount, around 306 litres per person per day on average.

“Mondays are a no outside water usage day across our region as a matter of course and we ask residents to abide by that today,” Cr Vonhoff said.

She said the extremely high water use over the weekend exceeded the volume that could be delivered to local reservoirs by the existing water infrastructure.

“Such extreme water use is not sustainable and if it continues it will result in intermittent interruptions to residents’ water supply while drained reservoirs are refilling.”

“In the short-term, Council has maximised flow rates to the Borghardt Road reservoir through a valve at Lawrence Road in an effort to replenish the reservoir quicker.

“In the long-term, construction of a dedicated trunk main from the Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant to the Borghardt Road reservoir is underway with completion scheduled for mid to late 2024. This trunk main will help resolve the current network capacity issues being experienced.”

“We also recognise that the area of Highfields is one of the fastest growing parts of our region and the eventual construction of an additional reservoir for the area in the longer term will provide additional storage capacity and resilience in future,” Cr Vonhoff said.

For full details of current water restrictions visit Council’s web site at https://www.tr.qld.gov.au/environment-water-waste/water-supply-dams/water-restrictions-conservation/13939-current-water-restrictions.

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