Thursday, May 23, 2024

SA speeding drivers “unacceptable”

South Australia Police have detected more than 100 motorists committing traffic offences as part of Operation Safe Hills, which commenced on the October long weekend.

Operation Safe Hills is being conducted in the Hills Fleurieu and Barossa Local Service Areas and Northern, Eastern and Southern Districts associated with the Adelaide Hills area, until April 2021.

Police say they are closely monitoring the Adelaide Hills area, where data shows that there are a higher number of motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries over the warmer months.

Of the 100 motorists detected, just over 80 were cars and just under 20 were motorcycles. Four cars were detected to be speeding over 30km/h which included one car that was detected speeding over 40km/h, Police said.

Three motorcycles were detected to be speeding over 30km/h which included one motorcycle that was detected speeding over 40km/h.

Officer in Charge of the Traffic Services Branch, Superintendent Bob Gray said that the results are unacceptable.

“The message is clear- the higher the speed, the harder the impact. I urge everyone to remember their shared responsibility when using the roads and to slow down. We do not wish to see anymore lives lost because of something such as speed which can be easily avoided,’ said Supt Gray.

“The Adelaide Hills is a truly iconic part of what makes South Australia beautiful. However, the length and bend of the roads in the area makes it very easy to pick up speed and lose control. People travelling through these areas must be extra vigilant.”

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