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RSPCA Lonsdale launches half-price adoption drive

RSPCA South Australia is calling on the community to open its hearts and homes to animals in need, as it offers 50% off the price of all animal adoptions for the last three days of school holidays.

There will be more than 100 animals available for adoption at RSPCA SA’s Lonsdale shelter including dogs, cats and rabbits.

Among them will be two-year-old Shinto (right) who has been in RSPCA’s care for over 120 days. Shinto was rescued by an RSPCA inspector, along with five other dogs, having been neglected and living in squalor with a severe case of Mange (skin irritation caused
by mites), a chronic ear infection and yeast infection on his feet (Shinto’s feet pictured, below) causing extreme swelling and bleeding. RSPCA SA nursed this sweet-natured boy back to good health and he is now ready to find his forever home.

RSPCA SA’s Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Gehrig says the goal is to clear the shelter by matching as many animals as possible with their perfect person.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the animals at our Lonsdale shelter like Shinto have endured suffering in their previous homes, and for some, it has taken months of specialised veterinary and/or behavioural care to get them ready for adoption,” said Mr Gehrig.

“Yet again, we are overcapacity with approximately 500 animals currently in our care, so we are calling on the community to rally and spread the word about this drive.”

Other animals desperately hoping to find their perfect match include RSPCA SA’s two longest standing residents – Simba (pictured, above) and Lady (pictured, below). An affectionate and clever cat, Simba has braved more than 500 days in care, while lovely Lady is a big-hearted and playful dog who has been waiting almost one year to find her happily ever after.

This will be the last big adoption drive to be held at the Lonsdale shelter before RSPCA SA moves into
its new animal care campus at Glenthorne National Park next year.

“Summer at Lonsdale can be extremely challenging for our shelter animals given the outdated 1970s
infrastructure, which is why we are determined to get these animals into loving homes ahead of a
predicted hot and dry summer this year,” said Mr Gehrig.

“Despite the heartbreaking circumstances in which many of these animals have come into our care, they are all loveable characters with unique personalities that are adored by RSPCA staff and volunteers, and they will make for wonderful companions.”

Marzipan is up for adoption at the Lonsdale RSPCA.

“In return, pets can teach us valuable life lessons and their loyal companionship can be extremely beneficial to our health and wellbeing.”

As well as dog and cats, bonded bunny pairs will also be available to adopt unless the adopter already has a rabbit/s, in which case a single rabbit can be adopted with careful introductions required.

Millie is up for adoption at the Lonsdale RSPCA.

All dogs, cats and rabbits available to adopt are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, and all animals are health-checked. RSPCA SA’s expert animal care team will also be on hand to provide on the day and follow-up adoption support, if required.

In addition to a significantly reduced adoption fee, every dog and cat adopter will receive a free bag of Royal Canin dry food, while rabbit adopters will receive a free bag of hay. Cat and dog adopters will also receive a $30 Elanco Advocate® voucher, as well as complimentary Royal Canin food or treats.

On the Move Adoption Drive:
Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October 2023 only!
Lonsdale Shelter – 25 Meyer Road, Lonsdale
The Lonsdale shelter has extended hours all weekend.
10am – 6pm Friday 13 October
10am – 5pm Saturday 14 October
10am – 3pm Sunday 15 October.

Moji is looking for a new home.

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